During the “Too old,” Princess Bubblegum informs Finn you to definitely she enjoys Jake Leave a comment

During the “Too old,” Princess Bubblegum informs Finn you to definitely she enjoys Jake

Princess Bubblegum

Jake are most aware of Finn’s earlier break to the Little princess Bubblegum, very Princess Bubblegum and you can Jake provides an extremely unusual dating. He is good friends, even though. Jake and you will Little princess Bubblegum rarely consult with both, in “Incendium,” Little princess Bubblegum phone calls your “puppy” in a nice, child voice actually enabling your other people his head on the lady lap, plus in brand new episode “Ricardio the heart Man” Jake and you will Princess Bubblegum mocked Finn’s fascination with Little princess Bubblegum. Inside “Princess Cookie,” Jake stated that the guy disliked this lady while the the guy think it had been unfair you to definitely Little princess Bubblegum did not let him be good mailman and made your getting an effective milkman, although it can be done he was simply stating which so you can stands Baby-Snaps. In the “Consuming Low,” Jake misinterprets Little princess Bubblegum’s initiatives during the remaining Flame Little princess steady since envy, incase she returns once more seeking Finn, Jake furiously berates the lady for ultimately causing Finn a whole lot mental problems as well as becoming a “heartless beast.” Immediately after stabilization Flame Princess, Jake sees Bubblegum’s reaction to Finn and you may Fire Princess’ “kiss” (for each kissing a rock so you’re able to indicate kissing one another) and you can mocks the girl for being jealous, simply for Little princess Bubblegum to share with your to shut upwards. During the “A glitch was a glitch”, just after Finn and you will Jake disgusted herpes and gone back to the newest sweets kingdom, Little princess Bubblegum and Jake and Little princess Bubblegum’s give point out that it missed both.

Mr. Cupcake

Jake and you may Mr. Cupcake express a rather strained dating. Jake can be involved you to Mr. Cupcake will take Lady from your, thus the guy prevents him normally. About event “Big date Sandwich,” it’s revealed that Jake areas Mr. Cupcake and attempts to end up like him in a number of areas of his lifestyle. It is quite found if Jake were to die, he’d want Mr. Cupcake to take care of Girls as well as their infants, exhibiting an intense faith and you can value to own Mr. Cupcake.

Forest Trunks

Jake and you may Forest Trunks show an almost relationships, that’s just like a grandma-grandson matchmaking. This really is shown oftentimes, though there is actually a position about occurrence “Tree Trunks” whenever she kissed your once or twice so he would let the lady assist Finn.

Jake seemed after that have lipstick marks all-around their deal with, and then he is actually smiling. After, Forest Trunks informs Finn one to she’s going to accept his apology (Finn got earlier yelled from the the lady) in the event that he’d let her kiss his cheek.

Finn involved so you can refuse the offer when Jake claims “Whoa, let her hug your cheek, child! It is a immediately after-in-a-lifetime chance!” Except that which, there aren’t any sources out of an unrealistic partnership ranging from Jake and Tree Trunks, although they remain best friends. He encouraged this lady relationship to Mr. Pig and you https://datingranking.net/texas-dallas-gay-dating/ may starred their viola on its wedding.


Throughout the episode “Their Character,” Jake said he had a secret break with the Billy. Then when they meet, Jake provides claiming “I enjoy your, Billy!” Jake seems to have high regard to possess Billy. The guy end his “violent” technique for protecting somebody and you can been protecting people in a far more pacifistic ways since Billy believe it actually was the correct way, even though Finn second thoughts it. Into the “Billy’s Container Listing,” it’s showed that Jake is within denial throughout the Billy’s passing.


Prismo and you can Jake started hanging out together due to the fact event “Jake canine.” They became quick household members and Jake rated Prismo given that “A powerful no. 3 to my chill males number.” Jake has actually clinging having Prismo, but implies that Prismo need a partner just like the he’s thus lonely. At the conclusion of the fresh occurrence, Prismo states that he desires hang out which have Jake so much more afterwards. Its good feeling of relationship try shown when you look at the “Awaken” when Prismo are happy to give-up their lives managed to have Finn and you can Jake to go into brand new Amazingly Citadel. Jake been able to restore Prismo during the “Is that you?” with their good “uncle thread,” being happy to ensure it is a unique variety of themselves to sleep forever to store Prismo’s awareness live.

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